ABM Best Practices for Entering the US Market

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📅 Date: 19 October 2022

The B2B Academy Podcast offers valuable learning and growth experiences to help you develop your marketing, sales, and operations. It aims to help you brush up on your knowledge, see different sides of an issue or problem, and learn ways to apply your existing skills in new ways that maximize success.

In today’s episode, Greg Corson shared many practical tips to help you upskill your ABM strategies when entering the US market as a B2B tech service or product.


In this podcast episode, Loredana interviews Greg Corson, CEO of Relational IT Consultancy Services, about entering the US market as a B2B tech service or product provider. Greg emphasizes the importance of understanding the market, planning, and strategy for successful expansion.

Highlights from the conversation

  • Greg has a background in IT staffing and recruiting, with a focus on aligning the right people with companies’ requirements.
  • He finds great interest in HR tech and how it’s evolving, but emphasizes the need to understand the US work environment and buying habits for successful market entry.
  • Greg believes that recruiting is essentially a marketing exercise and highlights the importance of finding the right platforms to reach potential customers.
  • When entering a new market, quick wins may not be sustainable, and a longer-term effort with planning and strategy is necessary for gaining traction and market share.
  • Building a robust marketing strategy and using account-based marketing models are essential for success in a crowded space like HR tech.
  • Greg and the host discuss the challenges of commission-based deals and the need for both parties to be engaged and committed to the market entry process.
  • They highlight cultural differences and the importance of a well-thought-out, strategic approach to business development rather than relying solely on traditional methods like cold calling.

🎯 Action plan for companies entering the US market

  • Companies entering the US market should invest time in establishing a local footprint and building trust within the target market.
  • Successful expansion requires a deep understanding of the target market, including customer personas, their decision-making process, and the pain points they need to address.
  • The field of HR tech is constantly evolving, with new ideas and technologies emerging. However, what works in Europe may not necessarily work in the US, so careful consideration of the US work environment and buying practices is crucial.
  • Marketing efforts should focus on identifying where the target audience is present on the internet and how to capture their attention effectively.
  • Quick wins should not be the sole focus of market entry efforts. Long-term planning, strategy, and patience are required to gain traction and market share, especially in a crowded industry like HR tech.
  • Commission-based deals can be challenging, as they may not always align incentives and long-term commitment. A more balanced approach that includes a base payment and performance-based incentives is often more effective.
  • Cultural differences can impact the success of market entry. A strategic and well-thought-out approach, rather than relying solely on traditional methods, is essential for overcoming these challenges and building a strong presence in the US market.

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