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📅 15 February 2024

09:00 AM EST

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Course Overview:

Discover the essentials of expanding your B2B tech business internationally with our comprehensive course. Led by Loredana Niculae, a seasoned marketing expert, this course offers valuable insights into global market dynamics, effective strategies for international growth, and practical tips for overcoming common challenges. Ideal for tech entrepreneurs and marketers aiming to scale their business beyond borders.It delves into the nuances of international business, covering essential aspects like market analysis, cultural adaptation, legal and regulatory considerations, and effective communication strategies. Participants will learn how to navigate the challenges of global markets, understand the importance of local partnerships, and develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan. This course is a roadmap for tech businesses aiming to diversify their client portfolio, mitigate risks, and seize growth opportunities in the global tech industry.

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Key Insights:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Understanding diverse market needs for effective global expansion in the tech sector.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Strategies for building robust international networks and partnerships in technology businesses

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Leveraging digital marketing and automation for impactful global outreach and growth.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Insights into cultural nuances and local market dynamics for successful international ventures.

Who Should Attend:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Tech entrepreneurs seeking to scale their startups internationally.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

B2B marketing professionals aiming to globalize their business strategies.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Tech company executives exploring international market opportunities.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Business development managers focusing on global tech industry expansion.

Member of the Forbes Business Council

Loredana Niculae is a member of the Forbes Business Council and a master business coach.

Course Structure:

  • Expert insights from Loredana Niculae, with over 20 years in marketing management.

  • Case studies of successful international expansions in the tech industry.

  • Interactive sessions on overcoming language and cultural barriers.

  • Techniques for effective international digital marketing and automation.

  • Guidance on legal and regulatory considerations for global business.

  • Strategies for building and leveraging international business networks.

The Importance of This Course for Decision Makers

Embark on a journey to global success with our “Marketing and Increasing Valuation for Tech Business” course. Gain invaluable insights, practical strategies, and the confidence to navigate the complexities of international markets. Transform your tech business with the knowledge and tools to thrive globally.

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Unveil the secrets to internationalizing your tech business with our expert-led course, ‘Marketing and Increasing Valuation for Tech Business.’ Arm yourself with deep insights, actionable strategies, and the assurance needed to master the intricacies of global markets. Elevate your tech venture to new heights, equipped with the wisdom and resources essential for worldwide prosperity