How to Prompt Chat GPT

for Marketing and Sales

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Course Overview:

This focused 1.5-hour course is tailored for decision-makers in businesses, concentrating on prompt engineering skills specifically for marketing and sales applications using ChatGPT. It is ideal for leaders who aim to leverage AI for strategic advantages in their organizations. The course will include a segment dedicated to exploring real-world case studies where prompt engineering has been successfully implemented in marketing and sales. This will provide participants with practical examples of how AI can be used to solve actual business challenges, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales growth.
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Key Insights:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services
Advanced prompt crafting for impactful marketing initiatives.
B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services
Creating sales-focused prompts for improved conversion rates.
B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services
Tailoring prompts for market trend analysis and insights.
B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services
Strategic prompt engineering for lead generation and customer engagement.

Who Should Attend:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Business Owners seeking to incorporate AI in strategic planning.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Marketing Managers looking to enhance campaign effectiveness with AI.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Heads of Sales departments aiming to integrate AI in sales strategies.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

C-Level Executives interested in leveraging AI for business growth.

Member of the Forbes Business Council

Loredana Niculae is a member of the Forbes Business Council and a master business coach.

Course Structure:

  • The Essentials of Prompt Engineering in Marketing and Sales (20 min)

  • Crafting Effective Marketing Prompts for AI Applications (20 min)

  • Foundations of Sales-focused Prompt Engineering (20 min)

  • Developing Targeted Sales Prompts for Business Impact (20 min)

  • Interactive Workshop: Building Customized Marketing and Sales Prompts (15 min)

  • Q&A Session with Best Practice Sharing (5 min)

The Importance of This Course for Decision Makers

This course empowers leaders with the necessary skills to strategically implement prompt engineering in their marketing and sales operations. In a brief but intensive session, attendees will gain the expertise to utilize ChatGPT effectively, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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