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Marketing Strategy 2024

Budgets, Tactics, and Tools that Work

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Course Overview:

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead in marketing is more crucial than ever. Join Lory Niculae, CEO of NNC Services, Oana Lefter, Managing Partner at NNC Services, and Daniel Chioveanu, Customer Success Manager, for an insightful journey through the pivotal trends and strategies that will define B2B marketing in 2024. This 1.5-hour course is tailored for CEOs, marketing managers, and sales managers of mid-size IT, SaaS, and industrial B2B companies, providing them with essential knowledge and tools for success in the coming year.

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Key Insights:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Understanding 2024 B2B Marketing Trends: The latest trends shaping the B2B marketing landscape.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Budgeting and Resource Optimization: Master strategies for effective budget allocation and maximizing ROI.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Effective Marketing Tactics: Uncover the most impactful tactics for B2B audiences and learn how to measure their success.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Digital Marketing Tools and More: Stay ahead with cutting-edge digital marketing tools and strategies, focusing on AI, automation, and short-form video.

Who Should Review the Record

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Business Owners

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

CEOs of B2B IT and high ticket SaaS companies

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

B2B Marketing Managers

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Sales Managers in B2B, IT, high-ticket SaaS, and industrial sectors

Member of the Forbes Business Council

Loredana Niculae is a member of the Forbes Business Council and a master business coach.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to B2B Marketing trends for 2024

    Overview of the evolving B2B marketing landscape and its implications for 2024.

  • Strategic Budget Allocation

    Techniques for effective budget distribution focusing on ROI and cost-efficiency in B2B marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Channels and Strategies for 2024

    (10 min) Discussed by Lory Niculae

  • Automation - Tools Demo

    (15 min) Demonstrated by Daniel Chioveanu

  • Interactive Q&A Session

    (15-30 min) Addressing specific challenges and questions.

Challenges and Questions Addressed:

  • Effective allocation of marketing budgets

  • Strategic Budget Allocation

  • Differentiating and competing against larger enterprises

  • Building a flexible marketing strategy for rapid adaptation

  • Strategies for effective lead generation and conversion

  • Keeping up with digital marketing trends, including tools and automation

  • Creating engaging B2B content using AI tools

  • Leveraging data analytics for improved ROI

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