B2B Omnichannel

Marketing Strategy

📅 March 19th, 2024

09:00 AM EST

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Course Overview:

Do you need help to create a cohesive customer experience across all digital platforms? How do you synchronize your marketing efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations? Look no further. Our upcoming webinar on B2B Omnichannel Marketing Strategy is your gateway to learning the art of integrated marketing communications in the B2B sector.
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Key Insights:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Learn the importance of engaging buyers across every channel through an omnipresent approach.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Seamlessly integrate digital and traditional marketing channels to enhance customer engagement.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Discover the role of outbound marketing in an effective omnichannel strategy.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

 Learn from case studies demonstrating effective omnichannel outcomes.

Who Should Attend:

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Business owners seeking to expand their reach and strengthen customer connections. 

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

B2B marketing professionals aiming to boost  brand reach and engagement.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Sales leaders interested in improving lead generation and customer interaction.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services

Executives interested in using omnichannel strategies for business growth.

Member of the Forbes Business Council

Loredana Niculae is a member of the Forbes Business Council and a master business coach.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Omnichannel Marketing

  • Channel Integration Strategies

  • Incorporating Outbound Marketing

  • Case Study: Omnichannel Success

  • Interactive Q&A Session

Meet Your Speakers

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services


Client Success Manager

Daniel Chioveanu is a B2B growth expert passionate about helping businesses scale through strategic marketing and sales initiatives. Daniel’s extensive background in account-based marketing (ABM) and customer relationship management has positioned him as a thought leader in promoting collaboration between sales and marketing teams. His approach utilizes data-driven strategies to optimize the sales funnel and achieve measurable results.

B2B Prospecting Academy | NNC Services


Managing Partner

Oana Lefter is an experienced marketing and sales consultant for the B2B market. Since 2008, when she joined NNC Services, Oana has been involved in hundreds of marketing and communication projects for clients on both the local and international B2B market. Oana is a Business Partner at NNC Services, where she leverages her background of over 15 years’ experience driving business partnerships, streamlining processes, and maximizing growth opportunities.


CEO Sturm International

Tom Strum brings expertise in outbound marketing and strategic planning, integrating them into comprehensive omnichannel strategies. With extensive experience leading B2B marketing campaigns, Tom excels in developing targeted outreach programs that engage and convert prospects. His innovative B2B marketing consistently delivers significant results, making him a valuable resource for fellow professionals striving for success.

The Importance of This Course for Decision Makers

This course equips marketing leaders with essential skills to strategically implement B2B Omnichannel Marketing Strategies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of omnichannel fundamentals, channel integration, and the strategic role of outbound marketing.

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Uncover the keys to revolutionizing your marketing strategies with our expert-led course, “B2B Omnichannel Marketing Strategies.” Attend interactive sessions led by industry experts, exploring real-world success stories and actionable insights. Elevate your marketing approach and drive business growth in today’s competitive landscape.