Level Up Your LinkedIn Strategy & Storytelling | Guest: Simon Chappuzeau

👤Author: Alexandra Gita
📅 Date: 21 September 2023

Ever felt that you’re just not making the most of LinkedIn? Want to connect with your audience in a genuine, impactful way? Well, it’s time to tap into the power of strategy and storytelling!

Join us as Lory Niculae, the dynamo behind NNC Services, and Simon Chappuzeau, the mastermind from StoryLux, peel back the layers of LinkedIn magic and storytelling. Together, they share insights and strategies that have transformed brands and elevated LinkedIn presence.

Some of the questions Simon is answering in the podcast:

  • What pain-point drove you to start this business?
  • Are there some defining professional moments in your journey before Story Lux?
  • What have you found, through your experience, that actually works?
  • How does storytelling work for a Business Coach?
  • Do you have a certain framework, or methodology that you prefer? What’s your secret sauce?
  • How do you make the story visible to the audience?
  • What is specific about the timing of building a story?

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