9 Hacks to Accelerate Digital Business

👤Author: B2B Academy
📅 Date: 17 January 2022

At this time, everybody should think about digitalizing their business. And the article says that leaders must deliberately rethink how work is performed, to better adapt to today’s work culture, clearly because of the COVID-19, causing everybody to accelerate the business, but this is required in a change of work habits. And accelerating digital business means working differently and faster. But people don’t change working habits on command. So there are some hacks, and Gartner has put together even an excellent eBook gated content.

The C suite guide accelerates digital for future-ready business. Just a brief overview. Gartner says that we need to speed up decision-making because it’s the key to accelerated product delivery. And other processes come from enabling faster decision-making within the organization. And there are a few hacks. One of them is no is allowed. It means that the leader can say this won’t work.




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