Email marketing – the most successful way of generating leads

👤Author: B2B Academy
📅 Date: 18 January 2022

A study found that 60% of b2b marketers say that email marketing is the most successful way to generate leads and revenue. Is this similar to your experience? Now, mind that BB three mapped out an elegant pattern on how you can use different content marketing pieces and channels, you know, in various phases of engaging and nurturing your b2b leads throughout the buyer journey.
So, for example, you may want to use short posts via LinkedIn or blog posts, or social media content. You may wish to secure leads through in-person events to build your awareness right. But since we don’t have that webinar’s ebook, you may know you do better with email newsletters when you’re trying to lead nurture to nurture your leads. And of course, to convert anything from person to person, contacts, webinars, online events, and case studies that show your domain authority are some of the best ways added to the above 41% of b2b marketers mentioned that email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads. So are you doing email newsletters?

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