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The B2B Academy is a one stop shop to succeed in your digital marketing upskilling and reskilling journeys: up-to-date knowledge and training, deep marketing expertise and above all, a community of experienced business professionals eager to help you achieve your own mission. We start by assessing your personal and/or team’s readiness and then propose areas for further development such as to remain fit for the future.


Sales People

Learn to identify what strategies are not yielding the returns expected. Ensure that there is a review process in place so that you can adjust your game plan.

Business Owners

Give your company a competitive edge by equipping them with the right tools through b2b lead generation training.


Sales Managers

Allow your staff to build enjoyment into their interactions with clients so that the purchase occurs in a win-win situation.


Marketing Managers

Relying on “spray and pray” marketing techniques is no longer necessary. The major amount of data and communication channels allow you to calibrate your b2b prospecting strategies properly.


Business Development Managers

Allow your staff to build enjoyment into their interactions with clients so that the purchase occurs in a win-win situation. The better trained your sales team is the better results for your entire company.


Growth Hackers & Enablers

When it comes to prospecting, the math is pretty simple: The more prospects you generate, the more your chances to close a sale increase. Based on that statement, prospecting the right way will boost your growth.


Digital transformation of any business requires sound online strategies and execution. Your digital marketing team neet not only understand the basic terminology and tools but also keep pace with the exponential changes of this ecosystem. 

Step up your B2B Digital Marketing


Start by assessing your current digital marketing capabilities against industry benchmarks and trends. Understand where you are and what skills you need to develop so that you can stay fit for the future of your industry.

Take control of you Career Development. Our experts will guide you along your journey in setting up smart career goals, identifying skill gaps that you need to address and taking the right steps to develop these competences.

Join one of our training programs that suits your needs. Our training programs are focused on immediate applicability in your business from day one of your upskilling journey.


Our Services

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  • Skills Development Programs

    Learn how to generate value for your business in digital

    • Digital Prospecting Academy – a 7-week training program
    • Performance Marketing …
    • Strategic Marketing …

  • Career Management

    New roles emerge in the digital marketing space continuously. Being prepared for such a dynamic labor market requires a sound understanding of the industry trends and anticipation of the future.

    Our team of professionals are active practitioners in this industry and can assist you in developing the skills required for you to be relevant today but also in the future.

    • Setting up your smart career goals
    • Understanding your skill gaps

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Meet Your Trainers

Managing Partner




Oana Lefter is an experienced marketing and sales consultant for the B2B market. Since 2008, when she joined NNC Services, Oana has been involved in hundreds of marketing and communication projects for clients on both the local and international B2B market. Oana is a Business Partner at NNC Services, where she leverages her background of over 15 years’ experience driving business partnerships, streamlining processes, and maximizing growth opportunities.
Loredana sees the business environment as a gift, to be acquainted with so many smart and valuable people; my mission is to ensure that valuable business efforts, works, and ideas spread into the world.

B2B Sales Prospecting and Virtual Sales via LinkedIn and Digital Events Networking

This year, studies show that 89% of B2B salespeople and marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation because LinkedIn produces two times more marketing engagement in B2B prospecting than any other social channel.

How to Grow Your Business Pipeline with a Healthy B2B Prospect List

According to recent reports, 8 in 10 prospects will rather talk to representatives over email, which matches up with the percentage of reps (78%) who use it. But to get to this stage, a natural step of the marketing and selling processes is identifying and indexing the right target.

B2B Sales Prospecting with digital lead generation

B2B Inbound marketing channels may be used to target the buyers who are looking for your type of B2B solutions and services. Amongst growth and digital sales professionals, there is a saying that “If you are not on the 1st page on Google, you do not exist in the digital space. At least for your prospects.“.

What Rules Your B2B Sales Prospecting Process in a Digital Era?

According to HubSpot, approaching prospects is one of the biggest challenges that today’s salespeople face, scoring 37%. This makes it clear to salespeople and decision-makers that effective prospecting can be challenging when there are so many activities that these individuals could spend the time on.

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B2B Prospecting Academy | Testimonial with Edward Dalton | CEO Noon Dalton


Who is this course for?

Whether you’re a business owner, marketing or sales manager or simply looking to improve your b2b prospecting strategies, this course is for you. It’s designed to yield benefits for all those involved in the b2b lead generation spectrum.

Will this help us improve our current b2b prospecting strategies?

The course was tailored to encapsulate the entire b2b sales prospecting process. In detail, we’ll overview and define the best strategies, tools and practices that will help your business improve.

How long does the course last?

The course is being carried over a period of 8 weeks. During this time, you will be offered professional guidance and will be able to apply and yield results as you learn and improve. More details regarding the course modules can be found on this page.

My team is not accustomed to using automation tools. Will this be a problem?
Our training is designed to help you and your team understand the process and everything involved in it. Everything in this course will be covered through theory and practical exercises. This way, we make sure you’ll have the time to learn it all the correct way and fully understand it all before the course ends.
Will this help me generate more leads?
As previously stated, you will be generating at least ten quality leads in between the sessions. The training will also help you improve your overall b2b sales prospecting, leading to a considerable increase in b2b lead generation. By the end of this course, you’ll have a custom-crafted sales plan to guide your b2b prospecting strategies.
I have a question that is not on this list. Who do I speak to?
In case your question is not on this list, please access the contact page from the menu. Our communication team is always prepared to answer your questions.